Infografías de Fútbol

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"A single image can convey complex data and reach millions of users".

Social networks are communities united by a common factor or interest. Communication in real time, taking into account consumer preferences, allows images to quickly reach a significant number of users. At BeSoccer we know how important they are, so we provide our clients with a tool to generate infographics, dynamic images that have a great reach and visual potential.

The mechanism is simple: simply select some filters to obtain all the data and/or statistics available through a personalised and visually attractive graphical representation. This makes it easier for users to understand the information and generates reactions and comments easily and continuously.

Football Infographics available

Table Match advertisement Team's squad Birthday
Matches in a competition Line-ups Position Match calendar
Pichichi Match statistics Attributes Player's career
Knockout stage Form going into the game Most recent matches

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